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Hello world!

Here we are.  On the web together.  What should we do?  What would be fun?

Here’s a thought.  Let’s share our all-time favorite recipes, the ones that receive rave reviews, the ones your family requests every holiday, the ones that have prompted total strangers to ask, “can I have the recipe for that?”  I want to see the recipes that have made you famous (even if it’s just with your immediate family, or maybe especially if it’s with your immediate family).

I love to track down the best, the most popular, the most discussed recipes available in cookbooks and online.  I’m talking about things like the chocolate lava cake (which is no longer new, of course, but it was once…).  How is it that no one had ever thought of that before?  Last year, for me, it was Jim Lahey’s no-knead bread.

But the truth is, most of my all-time favorite recipes come from friends, family, and, on occasion, total strangers.  And that’s why this blog, My Famous Recipe, exists.

I’m going to ask friends and family — well, the ones who are good cooks — to submit their most-requested recipes and/or recipes they’ve requested from another good cook.  Each recipe will be accompanied by a little blurb that describes its origin (kinda like they do it in the RSVP section of Bon Appetit, my favorite part of that magazine).

We all go to potlucks, parties, work functions, and discover that a neighbor or colleague has created something really special: the best brownies you’ve ever had or a fabulous pumpkin bread.  Get that recipe and send it here!

Before long, we’re going to have a great collection.  I’ll try to keep them organized and I’ll confess up front that I’m partial to baking and desserts, so we might be a little heavy in that area.  But I hope you’ll agree that’s not a bad thing.

Here we go!

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